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updated at 12:03pm on 30/12/2020


by Anonymous

Absolutely wonderful GP surgery

I was concerned upon leaving my previous GP surgery that I would not get the same level of treatment at Nightingale - same day appointments, doctors who went the extra mile, being involved in my own care - but BOY WERE MY WORRIES UNFOUNDED! Since changing surgeries I can honestly say I am nothing but impressed by the service at Nightingale. Firstly - the reception staff are unbelievably friendly. They always answer the phone in a way that doesn't sound like they are overworked and underpaid (as all NHS staff are by definition). Of the 3 times I've called for a same day appointment, I have been given an appointment within about 4 hours and the third time I got an appointment first thing the next day, which was absolutely fine for the issue I had. So far so good. When I've attended I've seen a different doctor each time for an acute issue (no real continuity needed, but when I have requested a specific doctor for a particular long standing problem I have been able to see them within a week), and all the doctors I have seen have been outstanding. Each one took the time to listen to my concerns, take on board my feelings towards those concerns and provide me with a treatment I have been happy with. I've felt empowered to take control of my own care in terms of a chronic issue I have, and have felt completely supported - with follow up appointments not only recommended but booked on the spot. Honestly guys can I say - thank you so much, what a fantastic team. I work for the NHS and have done for a number of years so I believe I have some credibility when I say that what you do with (always) limited resources is amazing. I hope other patients of yours will also take the time to provide feedback because you absolutely deserve it. Nothing to gripe about, keep doing what you're doing and THANK YOU!

Visited in August 2019, Posted on 29 August 2019