Tests and Results




If you have had any tests or investigations ordered by the GP/Nurse from our practice, it is your responsibility to ring the practice or to see a doctor or the nurse on an appointment to discuss the results. 

The  practice will invite you to discuss the results, only under exceptional circumstances. You are advised to ring for the results one week later, around mid day between 11.30AM and  2.00 PM.  

The staff will tell you the  results and the doctors comment on the results. However they will not be able to interpret the results or any further advise other than the doctor's comments on it.

image representing test results

If you want to discuss the results further you can make an appointment for a telephone  consultation or a face to face consultation with the doctor or the nurse. 

You can also access your results on line by obtaining  patient access to medical records and our staff will be happy to help you in this respect.

It is not the responsibility of the doctors in the practice to discuss any tests or invetigations ordered by the hospital and you are advised to deal with the hospital directly.