Travel Vaccinations 




If you are travelling abroad, you may need travel vaccinations. The ideal time to commence your treatment is 6 weeks before travel to ensure all the required vaccinations are given in time.  

When booking to see the nurse for travel vaccinations, the nurse requires all patients to complete the travel form before the appointment day so she can be prepared for what vaccinations you need.  If you are travelling to more than one country it takes the nurse longer to deal with when they have not been notified beforehand and this can make their appointments run over time.  This in turn increases the time following patients will have to wait to be seen.

Once we have your travel form we will then make your appointment.  The nurses CANNOT and WILL NOT give advice over the telephone as it is too complex an issue. 

If our Travel Clinic times are not convenient you will need to go to a private travel clinic.  

image representing travel vaccinations

If you fail to attend a travel appointment you will need to make alternative arrangements with a private travel clinic.